While betting on a specific number is rather simple for those who play Roulette, it does not really give you a big chance of winning. Because of this, several players bet on more than one number, leading to some patterns in the way they bet.

For example, a person who bets on "passé" actually bets on the last eighteen numbers on the table. This means that the numbers from nineteen all the way to thirty-six is covered by them. Some players will bet on just the even numbers on the table, which is referred to as a "pair," while betting on just the odd numbers is called an "impair." Players who bet on the numbers from twelve to thirty-six are actually betting "on the border," meaning that they are betting on half of each of the thirds.

A four number bet consists of betting on the numbers from zero to three, taking the first four numbers on the table.

Betting Patterns Not Based on Numbers

Sometimes, it's not the numbers themselves that are chosen, but what color they are. Players can choose to bet on only the black numbers or only the red numbers, effectively covering half of the table in doing so.

Another strategy that is employed is betting on specific columns on the table. Players may bet on the left, middle, or right columns, taking the entire row. Another strategy is to bet on six numbers, taking up two of the columns in the process. If a specific corner of the table is taken, it is called a "quadrant bet."

Similar to the quadrant bet, players can bet on three numbers that are placed next to one another. If they decide to bet on two numbers that are next to one another, it is called a "cheval." Finally, if only one number is picked, it is called "en plein." This can refer to the number zero as well, but only one number is chosen.

Regardless of how you decide to bet, adding a pattern to it adds another layer of excitement to the game. By not just betting on a single number, players are able to cover a large amount of ground and have fun doing it. Roulette is meant to be a fun game, and these strategies allow you to do that.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way to play Roulette. If you have a specific play style, don't feel like you have to change it just because it doesn't have a fancy name. If you have never tried one of these tactics, you might try them out to see if it helps you out or changes your odds when you play.

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