European Roulette consists of 36 numbers and a single zero slot. This is the key difference from American Roulette, which has a double zero slot as well. While this may seem like a small difference between the two, it actually increases your chances of winning dramatically. Because of that, it is important to know how to place your bets.


Many players place bets based on a variety of things, such as color or number. Some players will bet on all black or red numbers, effectively covering half of the table by doing so. Others will bet on all evens or all odds, covering half of the table in a different way. You can also bet on the first or last half of the numbers, which will give you a different outcome than the initial two strategies. No matter which of these strategies you pick, you successfully cover half of the table.

The table can also be broken up into sets of 12, which can then be bet on. You can bet on the first, middle, or last 12 numbers. If you choose to bet in this manner, you also can get paid two to one odds if you win. Each column also consists of 12 numbers, which allows players to bet in a new way. This betting strategy also offers a two to one payout.

You can bet on two of the dozens, from one to twenty four or twenty five to thirty six, or two columns as well. The payout for winning this bet is one to two.

The odds for the bets can change depending on what you bet on. For example, you can get eleven to one for betting on three numbers while two numbers will pay you seventeen to one. Of course, betting on one single number will give you thirty five to one odds.

Casino Rules

Depending on the casino, there may be some special rules that are implemented. They may have a special rule if the ball lands in a zero slot and meets a set of requirements.

For example, in prison refers to when the ball lands in a zero slot and the player bet on odds/evens, red/black, or first half/last half. If this happens, the player is "in prison" and cannot move until the next spin occurs. When this happens, they are able to win their initial bet back, but nothing more. The player continues until the ball does not land in the zero slot.

Another example is La Patrage, which still revolves around a ball in the zero slot. When this happens, the players are given half of their original bet, meaning they still win a little cash.

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