Betting Strategies

To begin with, make sure you know what number to bet on. The simplest form of betting is the "straight bet," in which you simply bet on a single number. There are a variety of betting styles, each with their own characteristics. Some might bet based on color, odds or evens, or columns. No matter what you decide to do, make sure that you place your bet to start playing.

Know Game Differences

Even though Roulette is a basic game, there are differences in what types of games are available. For example, there is a huge difference between European and American Roulette. While the basic rules are the same, American Roulette has a zero pocket along with a double zero pocket. While this may not sound like a big deal, the addition of this one pocket doubles the house advantage.

Take Notes

Watch and see what numbers have been winners while you play. You might see a pattern that you would not have noticed otherwise. You can also use a score card if you don't feel like taking notes when you play.

Don't Blindly Bet

Everyone has a favorite method of playing. However, don't just follow it blindly. You must be able to change and adapt, that way you can win the big money. If you just bet on the same numbers over and over again, you're just wasting your money. If you see a pattern or want to try something new, don't hesitate to try it out.

Using Technology

Although Roulette has an element of chance, some people rely on technology to help tip the odds in their favor. One example of this is how some players actually managed to calculate the speed of the ball by using computers that were placed in their shoes. These players simply tapped their toes to input data into their computer, revealing the best odds for them.

Another example of people using technology is when players implanted a laser scanner in their cell phone to help them calculate where the ball would fall. Of course, this tactic has been exposed and now cell phones are not allowed at most tables.

Don't Be Shy

If you're going to bet, place them on more than one number. Roulette is a game that allows you to play more than one bet at a time, and that should be used to your advantage.

Play Smart

Of course, always play smart. Don't play and gamble more money than you have. Even if you feel like you are about to hit a big winning streak, it's better to be smart and stop if you run out of cash. Remember that the house advantage is usually against you.

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