The glossary of Roulette

In order to give you more Roulette tips to the game, we have compiled this Roulette glossary which contains the terms used in the game and at the table. So read over this Roulette Tips page and you might find something interesting for yourself.

Types of bets

Column Bet

A bet placed on a whole column of numbers.

Corner Bet

A bet place on the corner of a number on the table, meaning that the bet is placed on 4 numbers at once.


The name of the person who is looking after the table and taking care of the players.

Double Zero

The numbers on the wheel of the American type (00). The wheel also contains a single zero slot.

En Plain

A single number placed bet.

En Carra

A bet placed on 4 numbers at the same time - also known as a square bet.

European Roulette

A Roulette wheel considered to be of French origin and contains only 1 zero.

1st, 2nd and 3rd dozen

A bet placed on 12 numbers.

French Roulette

A European roulette wheel with a single zero.

Inside Bet

A bet placed on any kind of number on the table, with all type of bets taken into account. Is considered to be the exact opposite of an outside bet.

Line Bet

Has the upper hand over two street bets.


Is considered to be a betting strategy.

No More Bets

A request to stop the betting at the table.

Odd/Even Bet

A bet placed on an odd or even number.


So with that said there are a couple more bets available, but you can get to know about them here. Just for the record - practice makes perfect, so let's get the snow ball rolling and begin to gain experience everywhere available. In order to find out more about the possible odds of winning, visit the corresponding page.

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